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by Walter H. Chan
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Choosing Work-Life Balance by Walter H. Chan
Walter H. Chan
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-The Keys To Achieving What Many Think Is Unattainable

Regrettably, for many people, a balanced life is an ideal rather than a reality.

Whether consciously aware of it or not, there is a common human desire in us wanting to live well and feel good. In recent years, much attention has been given to and research done in the area of "work-life balance" and "personal well-being". While it is of fundamental importance to human beings, it is often forgotten or given low priority until something undesirable happens, such as poor health, absenteeism, strained relationships, workers' compensation claims, and violence in the workplace.

Most people accept work as a matter of course as they grow up. Studying, job searching, working, relationship building, and retiring are expected life stages. How many people can honestly say that they find enjoyment in most of their lifetime? For some people, life seems to be only a series of recurring events and activities. They go through life but miss the full meaning of it. They may blame others for their problems, feel unable to change, or even not realize the need for change.

There is an empowering way to approach life. Coming to life's detours and dead ends serves as an opportunity for introspection and questioning. Feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with current situation provides an incentive to look into the "what", the "why" and the "how" of purposeful and satisfying alternative possibilities. The negative energy can be turned into positive actions.

Should work-life balance be an issue of concern to you? Your honest answer to the following simple questions will shed some light to it.

Do you feel exhausted at work even early on in the week?
Do you often feel overwhelmed, driven and losing focus?
Do you see that you have little time for your family members, even spending a few vacation days together?
Do you observe that you have no time to have a leisure meal together with your close friends without feeling guilty?
Do you find that, other than work, you have no time for yourself to even read a book quietly in the past many years?

If you have answered "yes" to a number of the above questions, this book is for you. If you are at a crossroads, your situation is not hopeless or insurmountable. You have to make changes; however, the good news is you can.

This book proposes a framework to help you better understand what you have control of in order to keep your life in balance. You need the knowledge and skills to create the right balance between work and other life obligations. Because many of life's issues are linked, taking time to appreciate their inter-connectedness and responding to them holistically would provide a better chance of success. The Umbrella Model (the "U" (YOU) Model) in Chapter 3 puts these aspects in perspective and connects them in a unique way. In the chapters to follow, we explore a number of key concepts on healthy lifestyle, personality traits, mindsets, and management approaches to improve your ability to attain and maintain work-life balance. Together they can equip you to manage common life situations and lead a quality life.

Nowadays, people aspire to learn but often have little time. That's why this book is short and to the point. It can be read in a few hours and its ideas applied quickly. The book describes the big picture; interconnecting issues relevant to work-life balance. There are no rigid rules. Instead the book is a guidebook, translating a large amount of information into useful insights and practical suggestions.

Work-life balance is attainable; it can be understood and planned. It is sincerely hoped that this book will serve as a catalyst for you to rediscover your path.

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